Wedding DIY Projects

Saving money on your wedding budget can allow you to spend money in other places. If you are looking for a few DIY projects to put some personal touches on your wedding or to just save money anywhere you can here are 5 projects that could add some fun details to your wedding. These projects have all been found on the internet through searching, and pinterest of course, but if you have a project you think would benefit a bride please feel free to email me and let me know.

Mr. & Mrs. Chair Signs
These signs can serve two purposes; they make cute gifts and they save your seats. If you aren’t having a formal head table, but want to reserve specific seats for you during the wedding this is a great little project to add to your to do list. These signs do make for great photo opportunities and they’re cute!

Shoe Bling
Add a little unique touch to your shoes for the wedding with homemade shoe bling. These look pretty easy so what are you waiting for? Get after it.

Chocolate Mustache Pops
I know the original purpose of this tutorial might not be for adults, or weddings, but how much fun would these be! They’d make a great prop for a photo booth AND you’d get to eat it afterwards. They’d also make for great bridal party pictures or just anyone having fun at the wedding. OHH, and if you have a hot chocolate bar these would be great as a dipper. The possibilities are endless.

Our Love Canvas
This tutorial is intended for Valentine’s Day,but it’s sweet and would be great on an entry table, gift table, photo table… you get my point. With a little color alteration to make your wedding theme this canvas also serves a dual purpose. It can go in your house afterwards!

Clothespin Pot
These little simple pots can bring some greenier into your wedding decor and save you some money on flowers. Flowers can be expensive, so using a little greenery along with a homemade vase/pot will save you money in the end.